Course introduction


Royal Oak Branch

102-6588 Royal Oak Ave

Burnaby BC V5H 3P4

Tel: 604-559-1099


Edmonds Branch

7501 6th St

Burnaby BC V3N 3M2

Tel: 604-553-1699



E2 Education Edmonds Branch Opening News

We are so excited to announce that our E2 Education Centre Edmonds Branch will open for business in Sept 2019 at 7501 6th St Buranby.

Upon the new branch opens for business, we will be able to provide more seats for students and will be able to service both Metrotown and Burnaby East area in a more convenience fashion.  

E2 current service schools:

Marlborough, Taylor Park, Brantford, Lakeview, John Knox.

E2 Sep 2019 service schools:

            Royal Oak Branch:    

                            Marlborough, Nelson, Maywood, Chaffey-Burke, Clinton, South Slope,

                            Brantford, Taylor Park, Windsor.

            Edmonds Branch:

                            Lakeview, John Knox, Edmonds, Morley, Second Street, Buckingham.

To secure the seat, please register as soon as possible. 

Our courtesy pickup service will be available for all E2 current service schools; New schools courtesy pickup service will base on first come first service. Priority will give to schools that have more than 3 enrollment.